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How Realtors Earn Commission

Typically, a realtor earns six percent commission per sale. That commission is then split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. That commission is split again between their firm, leaving 1.5% to the realtor.

Realtors do much more than showcase prospective properties to clients. In order to be successful in today’s technology-driven world, realtors must employ all of their skillsets to stay ahead of the game. How a realtor earns commission comes down to how driven and creative they are in their prospecting and work ethic. It’s not as cut and dry as showing up for work and making phone calls as it is about researching and getting yourself known.


This one may seem obvious (well, maybe because it is), but realtors spend vast amounts of time visiting properties in-person to scope them How Realtors Earn Commissionout. Prospecting also provides realtors an opportunity to network with one another.

Self marketing

Any realtor worth their salt spends time marketing not only their properties but themselves. Fortunately, we have a handy tool called the Internet that makes expediting the marketing process much easier. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all platforms that give clients an immediate in-depth visual look of property listings. Many realtors spend their own hard-earned money to fund their marketing campaigns, but it’s not necessarily required to be successful in the field.

Being through

A good realtor will participate in a property sale from start to finish. This means being around for inspections and making sure the property is move in ready. If an issue is minor, it’s best to remedy it before a buyer becomes aware of it. An important part of being a realtor is making the buying process as smooth and as problem-free as possible.

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